Are you embarking on the journey of writing The Book?


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I am a writer, filmmaker, and content creator who can find the narrative in mediums that do not take the typical 3-Act Structure as developed by Hollywood. I love finding the narrative shapes in a personal essay, a self-help book project, or a collection of poems. I work in documentary where 500 hours of footage is cut down into 90 minutes— and all with keeping the integrity of the subject in tact and employing engaging storytelling craft.

BIO: KP Kaszubowski (she/her) is a poet, filmmaker, playwright, and writing instructor. Her debut poetry collection somnieeee was published in 2019 by Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, and her debut feature film Ringolevio premiered in 2020 at Dances With Films in Los Angeles. Her previous poetry has been published (as Kristin Peterson) by pitymilk press, Great Lakes Review, dancing girl press, Juked, Flag + Void, ICHNOS, and elsewhere. She is currently an MFA candidate in Creative Writing (Poetry) at Eastern Washington University where she teaches rhetoric, composition, and creative writing courses.

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I see each long-form book project as a pilgrimage— one is never certain of the outcome. Oftentimes the process is difficult or disheartening. But you know why you’re on the pilgrimage whether or not you know what will happen.

My mission is to be your helper along the journey. I’ve written and scrapped numerous long book projects. And happily so. They were not The Book for me— not at that time. And one of those book projects brought me to the end of my forgiveness journey with an ancestor. I see this book as my greatest pilgrimage however “incomplete” it is.

My mission is to offer you a framework—or, a map—for your journey. You do have to write The Book yourself, but you don’t have to be completely alone in the process.


I have been honored with working with creative people—who consider themselves writers or not*—while they created The Book. To be allowed inside the process of writing a long-form book project is my heart’s calling. I am deeply fascinated by each of our humanness inside the discovery mission process of writing The Book. And I want to deeply listen and offer guidance while you take your pilgrimage with The Book that is asking to be written.

*all of us are writers. We do not need a diploma or major publication to claim this title!


30 Days of Poetry Writing Prompts:

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I work with creative people who have The Book ready to come to life. I love working with people who seek to “find” the book in the process. Oftentimes the book is never really just the book. By this I mean: when a book project begins, the writer tasks themselves with a transformation that may result a completely different book than was intended. But this is the book that was meant to be. And the work done with the project is reflected as the work done inside the writer.

I work with one or two clients at a time and take the writer’s pace and intuitive pathways as guide. I often bring in my experience with subconscious mind modalities, clinical hypnotherapy, and other woo-like / mystical techniques that take into account the whole ecology of the writer’s history, lifestyle, and wellness. The Book should not feel like a militaristic boot camp. If the process is not satisfying* in itself, the result will not be satisfying either.

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*satisfying does not always mean pleasurable or fun. Hard work can be satisfying. But I believe we all know when hard work is torture rather than a sense of building efficacy and confidence in our abilities.

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